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Land Settlement

In order to resolve severe noise issues of Itami Airport, the region's former international airport, construction of a 24 hour operational airport, Kansai International Airport, was begun on an artificial island situated on a soft deep sea seabed. Due to construction on reclaimed land, "settlement" became a significant technical issue for us. Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd (KIAC) has always sought to overcome the issue of "settlement" by making the best use of inventive solutions, such as adopting new techniques including our jack-up system, help from academic experts, research institutes, and other sources. Additionally, KIAC has always posted the condition of the settlement via our website and other outlets in order to inform the public. Now the settlement is stabilizing. The speed of settlement, which was 50 cm per year around the time KIX opened, has now decreased to 10 cm per year. We will continue to measure and monitor the settlement with utmost care, and we have committed ourselves to appropriate maintenance and operation of KIX so that our customers can enjoy the safe and trouble free use of Kansai International Airport.

Measures Against Natural Disasters

KIAC has been numerous efforts to maintain a safe and reliable airport. The basic safety measures against heavy rain, underground water, high waves, and similar problems were completed in 2006. These measures have transformed KIX into a stronger airport better suited to resisting the challenges of an offshore airport such as natural disasters and settlement. KIAC will continue to improve the KIX facilities so that we can offer increasingly convenient and reliable service to our customers. KIAC will properly manage the KIX facilities with the aim of maintaining a safe and reliable airport that meets our customers' expectations.

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