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Land Settlement

In order to resolve severe noise issues of Itami Airport, the region's former international airport, construction of a 24 hour operational airport, Kansai International Airport, was begun on an artificial island situated on a soft deep sea seabed. Due to construction on reclaimed land, "settlement" became a significant technical issue for us. Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd (KIAC) has always sought to overcome the issue of settlement by making the best use of inventive solutions.

The settlement is a significant technical issue. However, it is not a extreme problem if approached in an appropriate manner. The settlement is in fact an issue that current technology can adequately overcome. KIAC's approach to the settlement has been acclaimed in overseas countries. The American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), for example, has give high evaluations to the environmental care and challenges the KIX project has always taken on. They selected, acclaimed KIX as the Monument of the Millennium , representing airport design and development all over the world in the 20th century.

Here, we would like to give you the more detailed information so that you will have a better understanding about the mechanism of settlement of the airport island and KIAC's approach to it.

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