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Measures Against Natural Disasters

KIX was constructed five kilometers off the coast in Osaka Bay, in order to provide a permanent solution for Itami Airport's noise problems. While noise pollution issues were addressed by this, the airport's location presented its own set of challenges in the form of tsunamis, abnormal sea levels, typhoons, long-term ground settlement, and other natural phenomena.

Three basic countermeasures were put in place in response to these environmental challenges, namely, the improvement of rainwater drainage capabilities, the raising of the seawalls that protect the island from high waves and tsunamis, and the construction of a cutoff wall to prevent groundwater levels rising after high tides. These countermeasures were begun in the year 2000, and completed in 2006.

Thanks to these measures, KIX is now more ready than ever to stand up to the challenges presented by its unique and demanding environment.

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